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Terms & Conditions:

1)  We will give you a realistic estimate of costs

2)  If during repair we find additional issues - we will

     advise you / obtain agreement before proceeding.       

3)  Payment will be due on:-

     * Completion of work / collection of the machine, OR

     * For clients with agreed credit arrangement - within 10

        working days of invoice date.

     * Late payments will incur a 2.5% or £10 surcharge per

       week - (whichever is the greater)

4)  All equipment, software & parts used remain our

     property until due invoices are settled in full  

5)  Where equipment is left at our premises for work

     it must be collected and paid for within 30 days of

     us advising you that it is ready, (records kept).

6)  Failure to collect equipment within this time frame 

     will result in new parts being removed. At 60 days

     we reserve the right to dispose of the equipment for

     spares at trade market value to cover our costs.


a)   You may assume by default that all personal data held

      on the computer is deemed strictly confidential.

b)   Copies created during restoration / backup / recovery

      will be deleted once the work is verified as completed.

c)   Storage media (e.g.  hard discs) will be erased and /or

      physically destroyed before disposal.

i)    While all reasonable attempts will be made to recover

      files & data on a failed system, we cannot be held

      responsible for any consequences arising (or failing to

      arise), should that data NOT be recoverable either in

      full or in part.

ii)   Responsibility for backup data lies with the creator 

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